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Where do you ship the watches from?

Normally we ship from our Belgian Warehouse if we have the watches in inventory. In the rare case we would be out of stock, we could : 1) Deliver it from our warehouse outside of Europe within 5-6 working days. 2) Order them and deliver the watch to you from our European warehouse within a week.

Are the watches you sell the real model d304 / 1963?

We sell the most authentic reissued version of this model. You can see this at: 1. the way the hands from the second and the hands from the minute chrono are designed. The poorly reissued version will the same hands in both 2. The two lines of Chinese characters in the lower part meaning "China" and "Tianjin watch factory". The poorly reissued versions will have only one line of Chinese characters

How come your prices are so much lower than most place that sell outside of China?

We like to keep things simple: we don’t have any fancy offices or large business expenses. We prefer a minimalistic philosophy and do not take large margins.

Do I pay for shipping outside of the EU?

We ship from Belgium, but all the shipping costs are covered by us. You always enjoy free worldwide shipment of your Seagull 1963.