Ian’s story: Why I bought my Seagull 1963

I bought my Seagull 1963 38mm back in 2012. The reason for choosing this aviator watch was because I was looking for a vintage mechanical chronograph that wasn’t going to break the bank. The Sea-gull 1963 38mm had everything I was looking for: the looks, it’s affordable and it has a rich history (d304).

For me, it was very important it had the exact look it used to have: the acrylic glass, the Chinese characters that were correct, the pointer watches of the little subdials that were slightly different,… I opted for the display back version as the ST19 is a very clean movement and it got so much going on that you’re going to want to see it.

Years after purchasing it, I started to get even more into Chinese mechanical watches, and even though I wasn’t specifically looking for another Seagull 1963, I fell in love with the 42mm Panda version. After getting both these versions, I could change them up from time to time, since they have a really different style from each other.

I also wanted the Seagull 1963’s because of the diversity they bring to my collection. Yes, I have another watch with the ST-19 Movement but the case size, lugs, dial color, and strap options totally separate it from its sibling. The dial is striking, its layout, balance, and attention to detail are very appealing to the eye and the domed acrylic crystal brings it a great vintage look.

In addition to what I mentioned above, I love the color scheme of the dial. If you told me you had a silver dial with gold markers, blue hands, and a red second hand, I’d imagine something garish and awful. This isn’t. The colors are just enough for an accent, but not too exaggerated to overwhelm.

What I like best about my favorite one (the acrylic 38mm, sorry 42mm panda), is probably the domed crystal vintage look. Whenever the sun hits the dial just right to really reflect off the bright metallic gold of the numbers and blue and red of the hands, that makes me fall in love with it over and over again. But in reality, it’s the total form, function, value, and history combination that makes it a favorite in my watch-box.