How to best take care of your Seagull 1963

We hope you have been enjoying the ownership of this iconic collector piece! You probably fell in love with this beautiful timepiece by now, and in that case it is important to know how to take care of your loved ones :-).

Mechanical watches are built to last a lifetime, in many cases you don’t own the watch, you merely look after it for the next generation. Let’s face it, you are not going to buy a good watch every week, so if you want something for life (and longer), you should handle it with the best possible care.

Many of the original Seagull 1963 watches from the sixties are actually still in circulation because of 2 reasons: exceptionally well-built quality and good caretaking of the owners!

There are a few things to keep in mind during the ownership of your Seagull 1963.

Don’t push your luck or test your watch to its limits:

During daily wear of your watch you should always keep in mind the water resistance. Even though the watch case has rubber gaskets and seals everywhere to keep out dust and watch, it’s still important to keep in mind that the tested and recommended 3 bar waterproofness. This means: no swimming, no showering and no diving!

Keep your watch wound:

Even though modern lubricants are long lasting, they still dry or conceal over time! Winding keeps the watch working, and spreads the lubricants. An appropriately lubricated watch will work better and longer. You don’t have to do this daily for every watch; we recommend to wind them once monthly.

Don’t wind your watch on your wrist:

When winding your watch, always keep in mind to not do it on your wrist! We never recommend winding your watch when it’s on your wrist since that creates pressure on the steam which could bend or break it over time

Keep your watch clean, but never with soap!

We never like to see dirty watches for obvious esthetical reasons, debris could also make its way into the watch. We never recommend to use a lot of water and normal soap since soap molecules can work their way into really small places. This doesn’t help the watch in any way. Special watch cleaning products are available on the market, make use of them!

Service is very important:

Since watches are full of continuously moving parts, they require maintenance in a timely manner. We recommend that your watchmaker changes lubricants every 5 years.

Enjoy your watch:

If one assesses all the problems a mechanical watch might have, few people would want or enjoy them. That’s a huge mistake.

We really want to say: please do wear your watch and enjoy it like it’s meant to be! A fine watch should not be locked in a safe, it is meant to be worn. Wearing it regularly even helps spread around the lubricants so there are more than enough reasons to keep it on your wrist as much as possible!

On behalf of the team we want to thank you for taking pride in ownership of the watch. It’s nice to know our favorite beloved timepiece is in good hands!