Patrique and his Seagull 1963

I’m personally a big lover of mechanical watches. For me mechanical watches are no less than a piece of art.

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Leo’s story: the Seagull 1963 / red star 1963 watch: the best hand-winding chronograph for your buck

The Seagull 1963 or red star 1963 watch is one of the more intriguing watches when it comes to having

Read More red star watch / Seagull 1963 38mm sapphire version purchase experience from Stefan

Hello my name is Stefan, from Hamburg Germany, and I am a watch collector and I’m especially thrilled about unique

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My Story: the Sea-gull 1963 Red Star Chronograph

Bruno is a long-term fanatic of the Seagull 1963 chronograph. He likes to talk with his friends from the community

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Ian’s story: Why I bought my Seagull 1963

I bought my Seagull 1963 38mm back in 2012. The reason for choosing this aviator watch was because I was

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“The Red Star”

Hey Everyone!  My name is Janos and I'm from Sweden. I was born and raised in Hungary during communism. In

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