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The Seagull 1963. The Most Attainable Mechanical Chronograph Watch On the Market Right Now.

The Seagull 1963 is the most fascinating watches to come out, or rather, be re-released, in a short period. It experiened a lot of attention from watch forums and fashion blogs because, simply put, it’s a great-looking and affordable watch with authentic vintage styling that pays homage to non-Swiss watchmaking history. Sure, if you’re a […]

3 Seagull 1963 dials discussed- Which are you adding to your collection?

Today we’re looking into, arguably, the most admirable parts of the Seagull 1963. Obviously, we’re talking about the dial. The first thing that comes to mind when taking a closer look at the dials of the Seagull 1963 Chrono are the very unique colour combinations. On top of that, you may know these watches because […]


Seagull 1963 has achieved popularity amongst younger clients for many reasons. Initially, this watch appealed to me because of its mechanical, affordability, chronograph movement, design, and size.  A few years ago, before many micro-brands entered this market, the 1963 watch was one of the few subs $400 mechanical chronograph watches that you could buy new, […]

Everything You Need to Know about the Seagull 1963 Pilot’s Chronograph

From its inception, the Seagull 1963 Pilot’s Chronograph was a sophisticated design that predated the modern watch designs of today. The iconic Seagull 1963 Pilot’s Chronograph has been discussed at length in several articles and media. However, even with all that coverage, much of its history can still be expanded on. But then again, we […]