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Seagull 1963 Unboxing

We present : The Seagull 1963 blog

Some Seagull 1963 #Wristshots

We are creating an amazing community around the beautiful Seagull 1963 and its fanatics.

Not only by sharing the pictures that fellow Seagull 1963 fans are taking from their watches, but also by invited members to write a blog about their story with the Seagull 1963 watch. Testimonials

Good experience shopping on this website.  The quality, packaging and shipment time is excellent.


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The quality is outstanding, thanks for the gift btw!


I appreciate the fast response time, the packaging and shipment were outstanding. Will order more here.


My husband has been talking about this watch for months now, I ordered it for his 45th birthday. Happy husband now :) 


Quality of the watch and strap is good. Really attractive timepiece. Must have for a watch enthousiast

Jack Zhang

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We have a lot of experience selling these beautiful Seagull 1963 watches. Our founder Vincent, has been a lover of this model for years, and knows all about the details of the watch and its magnificent story.


At, our main concern is sharing the love for the Seagull 1963 with other watch enthousiasts. From ordering, to shipment, to wearing your Seagull 1963, we would be honoured to be a part of your experience.